Six Ways In Which Plumbers Use The Camera Inspection Technology

The network of drains and pipelines that eliminate waste and keep our houses in good working order is known as plumbing, the secret world beneath our feet. But what if there are issues with these tunnels that traditional diagnosis is unable to address? The utilization of plumbing camera inspections is an incredible technology that allows plumbers to view deep into pipes to solve precise problems and solve mysteries.


Modern methods are used with great pleasure by our staff at Reliable Source Plumbing to ensure your plumbing system operates at peak efficiency. Drain and sewage camera inspections are one such method that is completely changing how we find and fix plumbing problems.


Examining in-depth: Sewer Camera Examinations


Sewer camera inspections investigate your main sewer system on a greater scale than drain camera inspections, which concentrate on the smaller, internal pipes in your house. There are several ways that problems with the main sewage line can appear, such as multiple drain backups or standing water in your yard. Traditionally, solving such puzzles required a great deal of research and conjecture. Sewer camera examinations, on the other hand, remove all uncertainty and enable the implementation of focused remedies.

Our professionals can maneuver through the curves and turns in your sewer system and record live footage of any damage or obstructions by putting an adjustable, waterproof camera inside it. The camera gives a detailed view of the problem at hand, enabling a precise diagnosis and customized solutions, whether it is invasive roots of trees invading the sewer line or a collapse brought on by aging and deterioration.

Here are some inventive ways our plumbers can shed light on the most obscure areas of your plumbing problems using camera inspection technology.


1. Finding Clogs and Blockages


With camera inspection technology, plumbers may navigate into sewage lines and pipes to discover obstacles and clogs that may be causing drainage issues. Through visual assessment of the blockage’s size and nature, plumbers can determine the most effective means of clearing it, be it hydro-jetting, snaking, or another technique.


2. Finding Cracks and Leaks That Are Hidden


Pipe leaks and cracks are notoriously hard to find, especially if they are buried underground or concealed behind walls. Plumbers may do comprehensive visual inspections of pipelines using camera inspection equipment, precisely identifying leaks as well as cracks without the need for intrusive and time-consuming exploratory labor. This makes it possible to fix problems quickly, avoiding mold growth and water damage.


3. Evaluating the Integrity and Condition of Pipes


Pipes are likely to develop corrosion or be stationary, the consequences may result from outside factors such as tree root infiltration. Aided by the camera inspections, the plumbers can understand the insides and needs of the damaged pipes and whether they need to be replaced or repaired. This gives them a clear picture of the pipes’ inside state. This proactive strategy guarantees the plumbing system’s long-term dependability and helps avoid expensive emergencies. 


4. Examining Recently Installed Pipes


Plumbers utilize camera inspection equipment to do thorough examinations of recently installed pipes before concluding construction or remodeling projects. This guarantees that there are no flaws, misalignments, or blockages that can impair the plumbing system’s functioning and that the installation satisfies quality standards. Plumbers can make adjustments before things become more serious by identifying problems early on.


5. Checking for Compliance with Drainage Systems


Drainage system efficiency and safety in commercial and municipal contexts depend on adherence to building codes and regulations. To ensure that drainage systems adhere to regulations regarding appropriate slope gradients, pipe sizes, and the lack of blockages, plumbers use camera inspection equipment. This keeps problems with compliance at bay and guarantees the safe and efficient operation of infrastructure and buildings.

6. Recording Inspection Results for Our Clients

Plumbers employ camera inspection equipment to visually record their findings in addition to just identifying problems. This entails taking photos or recordings of the inside of pipes and annotating them to point out any problematic spots. Plumbers improve transparency and facilitate informed decision-making about repairs, maintenance, and upgrades by giving clients unambiguous visual proof of the state of their plumbing system.

The Plumbing Difference of a Reliable Source

Our dedication to excellence at Reliable Source Plumbing goes beyond simple installs and repairs. Our goal is to provide homeowners with information about their systems of plumbing, encouraging openness and confidence at every stage. We provide clarity to the invisible world beneath your house with our cutting-edge video inspection technology, making sure that every problem is handled with accuracy and knowledge.

A Final Note

The days of mindlessly excavating floors and yards in an attempt to identify the issue’s origin are long gone. With its high-tech glimpse into the inner workings of your plumbing system, drain camera inspection equipment is revolutionary.


A plumbing camera inspection gives an incredibly clear picture of what is going on below. It is similar to having X-ray vision for plumbers, enabling us to pinpoint the exact issue and restore full functionality to your Canadian castle. So throw aside the antiquated plumbing methods and drain-cleaning mixtures of dubious provenance. Accept the future of plumbing; the video crew needs to be called in! Take an insightful tour beneath your floors with Reliable Source Plumbing as your guide.

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