Are you planning a new house or a large renovation in Toronto? Don’t underestimate the value of expert plumbing rough-ins. These concealed pipes and connections beneath your walls provide the foundation of a functioning and aesthetically pleasing plumbing system. Proper rough-in guarantees that your faucets shine, your toilets flush smoothly, and your complete system works flawlessly for years to come.


Reliable Source Plumbing & Drains is Toronto’s reliable partner for all your rough-in needs. Our staff of experienced and insured professionals is equipped to handle any rough-in job, from single-family houses to commercial structures. We provide a full array of rough-in services suited to your unique project.

New Construction Or Renovation Rough-in

Starting from scratch? We’ll work with your architect or contractor to ensure that all plumbing lines, including toilets and washing machines, are strategically positioned and sized to fit your design.


Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? We’ll professionally reroute and reposition pipes to seamlessly fit with your new layout, ensuring that your new fixtures work perfectly.


Need assistance with bathtubs, showers, or dishwashers? Our crew will carefully locate and connect the appropriate plumbing lines to ensure a smooth and effective installation.

Rough-In Services

Our services extend beyond the first rough-in. We recognize that plumbing problems can occur even in established properties. That’s why we provide additional services to keep your plumbing system functioning properly.


Do you suspect a concealed leak that is producing problems? We use innovative technology to locate the source of the leak and repair it as soon as possible, minimizing damage to your property.


Clogged drains can swiftly escalate into plumbing issues. We provide skilled drain cleaning services to restore proper flow and avoid further blockages.


Our staff has vast expertise of all elements of plumbing rough-in, guaranteeing that your project meets the highest quality standards and is compliant with all applicable Canadian building rules.

We value timeliness, effective execution, and clear communication throughout the project. You will constantly be kept up to date on the status of the project and have a thorough grasp of the tasks at hand.


We believe in fair and transparent pricing. You will receive a precise price upfront, avoiding any surprises.


Creating a firm foundation is essential for every successful endeavor. The same concept applies to your plumbing system. A well-completed rough-in provides years of trouble-free plumbing operation in your Toronto home.


Contact Reliable Source Plumbing & Drains immediately to discover the benefits of dealing with a trustworthy and dependable rough-in professional. Remember, a stress-free and functional house begins with a strong plumbing foundation.


Rough-in plumbing is the base for visible fixtures such as faucets and toilets. It includes placing pipes, drains, and vents behind walls and beneath floors. All of this ensures that everything is linked and ready for when your desired fixtures arrive. Consider it the unseen skeleton that keeps your plumbing system working efficiently.
Proper rough-ins are important majorly to avoid expensive plumbing mistakes in the future. Also, it ensures a seamless installation where everything is properly positioned and proportioned. Efficient rough-ins improves long-term performance, lowering the danger of leaks and blockages later on.
The cost of our services depends on the project size and its complexity. Nevertheless, we offer a fee structure upfront so that you know what to expect before our engagement begins. We also offer the quotations free of charge, therefore feel free to contact us for customized estimate.
If you need rough-in work for your new house or remodeling of bathrooms and kitchens, installation of dishwashers or hot tub, then we are a one stop shop.
Absolutely! We back up our craftsmanship with extensive guarantees for your sanity. This means you may be confident that your rough-ins are long-lasting.
We understand that there are plumbing issues and they can come anytime despite all the planning. But at Reliable Source Plumbing & Drains, we give 24/7 emergency services for all sorts of plumbing activities. Since you are our loyal customer who made use of our rough-in services, you will for sure be treated as an emergency client in case there is plumbing problem.


Hydro-Jetting Services
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