Hydro-Jetting Services

Tired of clogged pipes? Hydro-Jetting to the Rescue!

Do clogged drains make you feel like a hockey puck caught in slush? Don’t worry! Reliable Source Plumbing & Drains is ready to unleash the Zamboni of drain cleaning: hydro-jetting! Imagine a strong water jet rushing through your pipes, removing obstacles with the might of a determined Mountie taming a moose. Grease, roots, and even the occasional missed hockey puck (don’t tell anybody!) are no match for our 4,000-psi water pressure.


However, hydro-jetting involves more than just cleaning stubborn jams. The high-pressure water serves as a strong cleaning, removing years of accumulated filth and leaving your drains gleaming clean and running properly. Say goodbye to lingering odors and slow drains, and welcome to smooth-flowing pipes that keep your house functioning efficiently.

Environmentally friendly and long-term benefits

The benefits of hydro-jetting extend beyond its better cleaning power. It is also an environmentally beneficial solution. Unlike other traditional drain cleaning procedures, hydro-jetting is exclusively based on water pressure, avoiding the need for harsh chemicals. This means you may resolve your plumbing issues without affecting the environment. It’s a win-win for your house and the environment!


Here’s a rundown of the main benefits you may expect from hydro-jetting:

  • Hydro-jetting removes even the most obstinate clogs, returning your pipes to optimal efficiency.
  • The high-pressure water eliminates not only the blockage but also the accumulation that might contribute to future issues, providing long-term protection.
  • As previously said, hydro-jetting only consumes water, making it a responsible choice for environmentally conscious homes.

Hydro-jetting is less intrusive than mechanical drain cleaning procedures, thus it disrupts your plumbing system less.

Invest in long-lasting solutions with Reliable Source Plumbing & Drains.

Do not let obstinate clogs convert your winter splendor into a plumbing disaster. Invest in a professional hydro-jetting solution that can provide long-lasting effects. Call Reliable Source Plumbing & Drains today to have our professional experts unleash the power of water on your pipes. We’ll have them flowing smoothly in no time, and with a cheerful grin.

Remember that living without clogs is a joyful life. And with Reliable Source Plumbing & Drains, that enjoyment is only a phone call away. Contact us immediately to get your pipes back in the game!


We understand your concerns about aging plumbing. Our professionals have excellent expertise and use specific pressure control to keep your pipes safe while cleaning.
While the operation makes some noise, it is much less disruptive than traditional digging or jackhammering. We also provide various scheduling alternatives to avoid any inconveniences.
The length of the pipe and the complexity of the blockage determine the duration. Most home projects take 1-2 hours to complete, and we will give you a precise estimate before you start.
Simply verify that there is access to water and that any surrounding things are clear to allow our technician to move freely. We will manage the rest.
While it efficiently removes current root incursion, future development is contingent on factors such as tree proximity and pipe material. We can talk about preventative measures or root barrier solutions, if relevant.
While the initial cost may be slightly more, consider the long-term advantages. Hydro-jetting provides a superior clean, reduces future blockages and associated maintenance costs, and is environmentally friendly, making it an excellent investment in the health of your plumbing system.


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