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    Smooth plumbing quietly carries away the day’s troubles and keeps life running smoothly. However, when things go wrong, from a leaking faucet to a gurgling drain, it appears like mayhem has broken out. That’s when Reliable Source & Plumbing Drains Ltd. steps in, your local plumbing company ready to rescue the day and your sanity.


    Consider us your friendly neighborhood, armed with wrenches, plungers, and an endless information supply. We fix leaks, calm temperamental toilets, and restore harmony to your pipes. Whether it is a slight inconvenience or a full-blown plumbing disaster – our plumbing service is just a call away.

    24 Hours Assistance

    We realize that plumbing issues do not respect your schedule. That is why we provide 24 hour plumber at quick and flexible appointment times, even accommodating emergency plumber calls when things become extremely dirty.

    Diagnose the problem like a detective

    We don’t merely address leaks – we pinpoint their source. Our certified plumbing professionals are equipped to sniff out even the most complex plumbing problems, assuring a long-term plumbing repair solution rather than a quick fix.

    Respect your house
    We understand that your home is your haven, thus we treat it with care. We wear shoe coverings, clean up after ourselves, and leave your place spotless, sans the plumbing drama.
    Provide clear pricing

    There are no hidden costs or surprises. We provide you with transparent rates and quality plumbing so you know precisely what to expect before we ever pick up a wrench.



    Camera Inspections
    Camera Inspections Services

    Leaky pipes? Outdated fixtures? We diagnose your commercial and home plumbing system with our high-resolution video camera inspection. In short, we conduct its sonography!

    Hydro-Jetting Services
    Clearing massive blockages is now simple! We can remove even the toughest blockages without causing damage to your pipes.
    Drain Snaking and Repairs
    If your drain is slow or clogged, we may use our expert drain snake to remove the obstruction quickly and efficiently.
    Rough-Ins For Your Property

    Are you planning a new development or renovation? We can install all of the plumbing rough-ins for your future fixtures with our affordable plumbing in Toronto.

    New Plumbing & Drain Installation

    Our licensed plumber handles everything from planning your fantasy retreat to installing fixtures that sing, such as toilets, faucets, and a lot more – resulting in a stress-free and spectacular change.

    Always-On-Call 24HR Emergency Service
    Unexpected leaks and blockages can happen anytime. We provide individualized maintenance strategies and repairs 24/7 to avert crises before they occur massive.

    So, the next time your plumbing fails, don’t give up. Simply call Reliable Source & Plumbing Drains Ltd., your local plumbing superhero. We will transform your home into a sanctuary – one leaky faucet, and gurgling drain at a moment. Let Reliable Source be your hero in the battle against plumbing works!


    Reliable Source Plumbing and Drains

    Welcome to Reliable Source Plumbing, your trusted plumbing solution provider in the Greater Toronto Area. We are a reputable plumbing company with years of experience in the industry, offering top-notch residential and commercial plumbing services to clients across the region. Our team of highly skilled and licensed plumbers is dedicated to providing timely and efficient plumbing solutions that meet your specific needs.
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