New Installations

Transforming Your Dream Home into Reality

Building a new home is an exciting endeavour. However, amid the excitement of new beginnings, plumbing issues may rapidly damper the mood. Reliable Source Plumbing and Drain Ltd is here to make sure your plumbing aspirations are as flawless as your vision.


Forget the conventional plumbers. Our team consists of talented specialists, precise artisans, and clear communicators. We tackle each job with efficiency, stress reduction, and delight in exceeding expectations.


We expertly manage new installations ranging from toilets and faucets to sophisticated systems. Our emphasis is on long-term functionality, with every pipe, valve, and fixture exuding quality.

Creating Your Dream

Consider a kitchen with a streamlined faucet that serves as your sous-chef, or a spa-like bathroom with a luxury soaking tub and perfectly functional fixtures. We work with you to effortlessly combine your preferred plumbing with your ideal appliances and features.


Say goodbye to washing worries! We install washers and dryers with accuracy, ensuring they run smoothly and allowing you to tackle even the largest heaps.


Imagine a home cinema with discrete plumbing for your popcorn machine, or a man cave with a practical bar sink. We make it feasible with disguised water pipes and a dependable water supply, transforming your basement into a refuge personalized to your specifications.

Dependable Plumbing for Long-Term Peace of Mind

We recognize that your new home is more than just bricks and mortar. It is a mirror of you. That’s why we approach each installation with care, rigorous attention to detail, and a dedication to perfection. Whether it’s a small sink or a large bathroom overhaul, we prioritize quality and long-term results.


Consider a fresh start devoid of dust mites, not plumbing debris. We value cleanliness and leave your new house pristine following the installation.

Clear communication, every step of the way

We believe in straightforward communication. Our staff keeps you informed and involved throughout the whole procedure. Your happiness is our top objective, and we consider our task undone until you’re smiling from ear to ear.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your plumbing is covered by our unshakeable warranty. We stand behind our installations to ensure that your water runs easily while your anxieties do not.


So, stop DIY disasters, and use a reliable source.


Stop looking for “plumbing installations near me” on the internet. Allow Reliable Source Plumbing and Drain Ltd. to turn your new home into one that matches your own taste and operates perfectly.


We provide a comprehensive selection of new installation services for all of your plumbing requirements in your new house, including:


• Kitchen installation: We can install your kitchen sink, faucet, dishwasher, trash disposal, and any other plumbing equipment you may require.

• Bathroom installation: We can install your bathtub, water heater, shower, toilet, vanity, and many more.

• Laundry room installation: We can install your washer, dryer, and any other plumbing equipment.

• Basement installation: We can install your sump pump, water heater, and any get you a waterline wherever needed.

• Outdoor installation: We can install your outdoor spigots, sprinkler system, and other plumbing fixtures as needed.

Call us at (289) 233-2771 or set up an appointment online. We will meet with you to review your needs and provide you with an estimate. Later, we will schedule an appointment to install your new plumbing fittings.
The pricing of our services varies according to the extent of your project. We will offer you with a quote after we discuss your requirements.
Yes, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our work. We are convinced you will be pleased with our services.
Yes, we have a license and insurance in Toronto. We also have liability insurance to protect you from property damage.

We distinguish ourselves from other plumbing businesses by committing to giving the finest service possible to our customers. We are:


• We have more than 20 years of expertise in the plumbing sector.
• We are always on time and execute all projects on time and under budget.
• We stand by our work and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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