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Preventing the Clog Comeback: Maintenance Tips After Drain Snaking

The dreaded clog, ughhhhh – That is so irritating!!! It ruins your day, makes cooking take longer, and may even make you angry. You dispatch the clog with a gratifying whir, and you call in the troops- Reliable Source Plumbing, of course!


Hold on, though—we are not quite done yet! Even though drain snaking removes the obstruction immediately, it is crucial to take some precautionary steps thereafter to keep those mud monsters at bay.


At Reliable Source Plumbing, we are committed to maintaining the clear flow of your drains, which includes offering you advice on how to avoid blockages in the future. Let us now discuss some simple maintenance techniques that will prolong the life of your plumbing system and prevent future issues and costly plumbing expenses.


Recognizing The Clog’s Origin


Knowing what caused the current blockage is the first step in preventing future ones. From the shower drain, did your plumber remove a hairball? Did the kitchen sink have a greasy buildup obstructing it? Identifying the offender will enable you to customize your maintenance plan.


Some typical reasons for blockages are as follows:


     Hair: This is a common culprit in drains found in bathrooms.

     Food waste: Scraps and grease may harden in pipes and cause clogs, particularly in kitchen drains.

     Mineral buildup: Mineral and soap scum may collect over time and restrict the flow of any drain.

     Foreign Objects: Regrettably, items like jewelry and toys occasionally find their way down drains that shouldn’t.


The Key Is Prevention: Routines for Healthier Drains

You may greatly lower your chance of developing clogs in the future by implementing these easy steps into your everyday routine:



To prevent hair from going down the drain, use mesh traps or drain screens. To avoid accumulation, clean these traps often.


Cooking area

Empty food leftovers into the garbage instead of the drain. Before washing, give greasy pots and pans a quick wipe clean. To collect food particles, think about utilizing a drain guard.


Regarding Every Drain

Don’t flush grease or strong chemicals down the drain. These may harm pipes and cause blockages. Flush your drains with hot water (around 140°F) once every several weeks to help dissolve any accumulation.


Above and Beyond the Daily Grind: Thorough Cleaning for Ideal Flow

Even though everyday routines are important, it is also good to periodically give your drains a thorough clean. Here are some techniques you might try:

Baking soda and vinegar

This time-tested mixture releases a carbon dioxide gas that can help clear moderate blockages and revitalize drains. First, pour half a cup of baking soda and then a cup of white vinegar down the drain. After 15 minutes of sitting, flush with hot water.

Enzymatic drain cleaners

These biological cleaners work by dissolving organic material that clogs pipes through the action of enzymes. For optimal results, adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Use caution while using these cleansers though, since misuse can harm pipes.


Heating Water Power!

Boiling water may be a very good way to unclog kitchen sinks and other tough grease traps. Fill the kettle to the brim, then gently pour the water down the drain. It may be possible to dissolve oily buildup with the hot water.


When to Get Help from Experts

Although snaking drains is an excellent technique to clear obstructions that already exist, it is not necessarily a preventative approach. Clogs regularly may be a symptom of a more serious problem with your plumbing system. Observe the following warning signs:


     Slow Drainage: Often the initial indication that a blockage is forming.

     Multiple Clogged Drains: If several drains get clogged at the same time, there may be an obstruction further down the main sewage system.

     Bad Odors: These may be signs of a broken pipe or an accumulation of organic material.

     Do not hesitate to contact Reliable Source Plumbing if you notice any of these symptoms. No matter how big or small the plumbing problem is, we have the knowledge and tools to diagnose and solve it.


Putting Health Into Your Plumbing System Investing

You may drastically lower the likelihood of recurring blockages by implementing certain preventative practices into your routine and adhering to these easy maintenance suggestions after drain snaking. Recall that a happy plumbing system is one that is in good health! Furthermore, Reliable Source Plumbing is always a phone call away if you ever need assistance. We are constantly available to maintain your drains open so you can concentrate on what really important.

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